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Our Wines

We produce Robbione, Collequanto and Sommo from the same grape variety, the Vernaccia Nera. A peculiar grape variety from which we make elegant, complex wines with plenty of ageing potential. Two denominations with a very strong identity, Serrapetrona DOC and IGT Marche, closely connected to their native land and its ancient tradition. The production rules dictate the indigenous variety and location of vineyards, coupled with the process of winemaking and bottling on site.

The grapes are harvested depending on the level of ripeness suitable for the wines we produce. From Vernaccia Nera' s grapes intended for the appassimento (traditional air drying in purpose built facilities in the cellar), after months of ageing, we produce the Robbione, our reserve, and the Sommo, our "passito" (sweet) wine. The last harvest is for Collequanto, the reference wine of our cellar and renowned for its qualities.
In addition to the various mineral aromas, our wines offer, as an additional and unexpected feature, the ability of ageing, usually absent in the Vernaccia Nera. Elegant and refined, all of them express the organoleptic qualities of this grape, vinified in different ways and at different times to accommodate the characteristics of the vineyards. Our wines fight against the elements of this landscape, thanks to the rough and humble pride of its people who carefully prune and harvest these vines two or three times a year. They are the fruits of our labour, each one uniquely different from the other, just like the time required by the grapes to ripen.
Other wines available are produced from Sangiovese , red wine, and from Percorino, Sauvignon , white wine elegant and fresh and finally from Pinot Noir we produce the sparkling Rose' Brut called Blink.



From our vineyards located in the Monti Azzurri's ...

11,50 €


From our native black grapes Vernaccia Nera, we produce a ...

12,50 €


We are proud to make this wine from grapes of Vernaccia ...

13,50 €


Full bodied and robust, the Robbione is produced with the ...

26,50 €


"Vino passito" of great character, it is the result of ...

19,00 €


Sparkling dry red wine 100% Vernaccia Nera, unique ...

15,00 €


Sparkling sweet red wine 100% Vernaccia Nera, unique ...

15,00 €
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