The pleasure of discovering something unexpectedly pleasant: this is the Vernaccia Nera. A variety with good vigor and medium-large leaves, winged and tight bunches, small black-purple berries, average peel and soft pulp with a slightly aromatic taste. A variety that, thanks to its microclimate, develops exceptional organoleptic characteristics

The production area of these grapes is limited to a narrow area of 37 km around the town of Serrapetrona, in the province of Macerata. Pride of the Marche’s wine history, rare and ancient, this grape is grown in these lands since the ‘Roman land division’ times. Documents of the late nineteenth century, such as the Yearbook for Viticulture and Enology (1893), mention the Vernaccia Nera as the best red grape of the Marche. In 1876, the ‘Ampelographic Bulletin’ of the Ministry of Agriculture points out that "since 1872, the Vernaccia was declared the first among colored grapes to provide excellent table wines".

The intent of Terre di Serrapetrona is to recover and renew this tradition, with the will to enclose in each bottle the ruggedness of these fascinating landscapes, shaped by millions of windy, rainy, cold winters and hot summers that have formed the steep slopes on which we have planted our vineyards. Fighting every day against gravity, they have rooted in this terrain, absorbing the sun that kisses these hills. We help them to resist, maintaining a natural turf to prevent erosion of that good old, precious soil on which our vineyards live.

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