The Graidi Family, which has now reached its fourth generation, the winery aims at achieving maximum quality whilst keeping within tradition. A project to promote this cultivar which begins in the vineyards, spurred to rediscovering the traditions and relationships of our people, for a deeper awareness of the richness of our land and the uniqueness of its resources.

Hence, the need for a more authentic vinification than the most popular DOCG sparkling version. Originally, as evidenced by the Yearbook for Viticulture and Enology (1893), the Vernaccia Nera from Serrapetrona produced a ‘firm’ wine, which was among the most popular in the Marche. A desire which is reflected in oenological research, in-depth study of ancient grape varieties and ancient techniques of processing these grapes. A challenge which then turned into a choice: giving this exceptional grape variety a chance to express all its amazing qualities.

All of this is enclosed in the Robbione DOC and the Collequanto DOC, expression of the values of tradition and living in harmony with the land. A ruby red wine with purple hues, spiced with pepper from faraway lands, with old fruits such as elderberry and marasca cherries. A full-bodied wine, with its smooth tannins and minerality absorbed from the soil of this land.

Tenuta Stefano Graidi
Via Colli 7/8 - 62020
Serrapetrona (MC) Italia
Tel: +39 0733 908329